The coastal winds blow,
bringing nutrients from the Irish sea to the soil where our barley grows. A natural spring well brings us water, filtered through stone deep in the earth.

The Irish Sea wraps around the County Down coast, acting as blanket in the Winter, and cooling us in the Summer. The mix of rain and sunshine in plentiful amounts makes our location ideal for distilling & maturing the finest Irish whiskeys.

Started in 2012, the Echlinville distillery is the dream of a local man called Shane Braniff. Shane’s family have farmed the land for generations, learning all there is to know about growing the best crop. This is how he knew that it was the perfect place to make great whiskey.

Echlinville Estate, where we make our whiskey, is immersed deeply in history. It may have changed down through the years but the majestic house still provides the perfect backdrop to exciting new times for the Echlinville Distillery. Dr Robert Echlin, who travelled from Fyfe in Scotland, set up home at the Abbacy in the Upper Ards area, & became the Bishop of Down & Connor in 1613. It was his great great grandson Charles Echlin who bought the two story property in Rubane in the early 1700s and renamed it the Echlinville House & Estate. We felt that this was the right place to begin the journey of Echlinville Whiskey.


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